What to Expect Now That Google+ is Public

It’s finally happened all you early adopters – Google+ has entered into Public Beta. The floodgates are open and new users are coming in, circling you, and making you feel like an old hat at this. But what should you expect in the next few weeks? How do you prepare? Well. Lucky for you this (slightly satirical) guide will qualm all of your fears!

Self-Help Posts

Okay, this one is two fold. Self help in the sense that posts will help new users use Google+ and in the sense that people expect to be circled from these posts (guilty!). Guides, tips, tricks, extensions, help, etc will flood your stream to the point that you’ll start questioning whether even you know how to use the service the “right” way.

How to prepare: Know it’s coming, be understanding, and, above all, capitalize on it.

Evangelists and Strategists

Old users are going to inflate themselves to the point they nearly burst with self gratification and appreciation. Everyone is going to call themselves a freaking expert or your “Only Source for…” or a “Social Media Evangelist.” It’s probably my least favorite thing about Google+ and now that naive users are joining reaching out for the best content they can these exaggerating bastards are clamoring to be added to more circles. It’s pathetically commonplace and I hear that they don’t need to feed since their own lies sustain their pudgy frames…

How to prepare: Realize that there can’t be that many evangelists or “experts” out there, ignore imposters at all costs.

Newbie Questions

“What is Google+? …How is this different than Facebook? …Just joined! Now what?” you’ll see constantly. And you won’t just see it in your stream either. Post a picture of a cat and you’ll a comment asking you how to do mobile uploads. Hangout and people will comment asking if they can do it without a cam. It’s going to be everywhere. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as we’ve all been expecting it, just be nice.

How to prepare: Create a document answering all these questions so that you can copy & paste.


Sigh. I have this weird feeling that people are going to navigate away from Facebook and into Google+…and complain about Facebook…and then about Google+. It’s just going to happen. And it’s going to flood your stream. And I promise that only 1 out of 100 comments will actually make you think (on the brighter side, 24.3% of them will be funny). Sadly, none of them will know how to click “Send Feedback.”

How to prepare: Put the Whaaaaa-bulance on speed-dial

Fake Names

Here we go again… People are coming to Google+ in a Facebook mentality where they can have names like “Freddy X. EMO kILL” and expect to be able to do the same here. Google won’t be able to screen all the names, and even though Google requires the use of your Common name not your Real name, I think we’ll see some serious stretches.

How to prepare: Get ready to be a policeman! Report Report! (two hops this time…everybody clap your hands)


Oh I see Mr. I.Am. We’re not cool enough while in Private Beta, but now that we’re in Public Beta, you think “this is pretty dope.” Well friends, I don’t think he’s the only celebrity we’ll see joining. Dane Cook has seen a huge spike in popularity and trust me, celebrities are taking notice. Whether or not you like it, celebrities can’t wait to get in on this.

How to prepare: Just keep remembering that no matter how many times you + them, they aren’t going to respond to you.


With any social network there will be people who don’t know how to use it. Take for instance your mom, or “that special friend,” or, you know, Ex-Congressman Weiner. Private messaging is a simple thing, but we all screw up doing it. I’m calling it. With Google+ automatically uploading your phone pictures it’s a sure bet. There will be scandal…and I’m admittedly kind of excited for it.

How to prepare: Just make sure it isn’t you.

A Much More Interesting Social Network

Okay, serious time guys. Google+ going public is only going to reward you greatly if you’re using it the right way and building your circles. Finding people with the same interests as you is only going to expand exponentially but, as always, it’s up to you to find them. The new “Search Google+” feature should be your best friend in the coming weeks as more and more valuable contributors begin to call Google+ their home.

How to prepare: Circle away!


What do you guys expect in the coming weeks? Let us know in the comment section below!


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