Plustastic Artist Collective Launches

If you’ve ever been on Google+ you’ve surely noticed a relatively large and active artist community. Whether it’s Zombified portraits, sketches, or following some awesome photographers, artists have made Google+ their playground and have begun to work together. Without brand pages to get in the way, artists, who embody what they do, have gained a serious leg-up in establishing their own followings.

The most interesting way I’ve seen it happen yet is with, a collaboration of six different artists who do very different styles of portraiture and organized with help from +Cam If you’ve ever been jealous that you don’t have one of those awesome portraits, now is your chance. The site launched late Sunday night during +Cliff Roth‘s Cliffathon as he attempted to speed-paint as many Plusers as possible with a fire-sale of $0.99 for most portraits. All three of mine cost the same as one ATM fee.

Done completely through Hangouts, Plustastic is truly in line with Google+’s collaborative nature and push for engagement. An unintended consequence of not having brands or not, artists are here to stay. Plustastic is currently the number one artist collective on Google+ and something that you should take advantage of before G+ goes public.

This whole deal is exactly the type of thing I love to see on Google+…and I want to see more of it. Much thanks to the artists who made this possible: +Tim Clary, +Mike Searle,+Cliff Roth, +Samantha Villenave, +Byron Rempel, and +Manda Lira. Plustastic hopes to add many, many more artists in the future as Google+ expands.

Will you be taking advantage of this service? Be sure to follow the artists above for updates!

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