Huge Google+ Update: Search, Hangouts, and More!

In addition to Google+ going live to the public this morning, we have also received word of several key updates and additions to the three month old social network. Since it’s inception back in late June, Google+ has made 100 unique changes and additions to the platform. Several of them have taken place this morning, right before the doors opened to the public. Here are some of the most interesting changes:

Google+ Search:
Users have been asking for it, now they have it. Google+ has expanded the search function at the top of the page. Now when a user searches, they will get relevant people, topics, and posts related to that search. This will include privately shared posts from your circles, as well as public posts. With over 1 billion items shared and received every day, this function certainly will come in handy for many, as well as make Google+ a real time news database of sorts.

Several Major Changes and Additions to Hangouts
Google has given their video conferencing Hangout platform a shot in the arm this morning with a whole laundry list of updates, including the Google+ Hangouts API.

Invites No Longer Needed
As long as you are over the age of 18, you can now sign up for a Google+ account without the need of an invite. We are no longer in a Google+ “field trial,” instead we are in Google+ Beta mode.

Although this will not end the stream of updates we have been receiving for the last three months, it seems as though Google waited until launch day, today, to roll out many of the key features. We still expect to see Google+ Business pages coming any week now.

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