Compilation of Google+ Must Follow Lists: 231 Google+ Users

Every week or so we try to feature a group of exception people to follow on Google+. We try to choose people who are active, and make interesting posts on a regular basis, around a given topic. Here is a compilation of all the lists we have ever posted since launched in early July:

17 Internet Entrepreneus

  1. Pete Cashmore – CEO of
  2. Kevin Rose – Tech Angel Investor and entrepreneur. Drinker of tea.
  3. Mark Cuban – Self made billionaire, Owner of Dallas Mavericks
  4. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten – Founder of TwitterCounter and
  5. Ben Parr – Journalist.
  6. Jason Calacanis – Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and writer.
  7. Guy Kawasaki – former chief evangelist of Apple, co-founder of Garage Technology
  8. Michael Dell – Founder of Dell, frequent Hangout participant
  9. Daniel Brusilovsky 18 year-old entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of Teens in Tech Labs.
  10. Greg Raaum – CEO & Founder Lush Technologies, software architect/engineer
  11. Salim Ismail – Angel investor, operated seven early-stage companies.
  12. Dan Leveille – Founder of Equalitopia & BookMaid. Marketer at deviantART.
  13. John West Founder and CEO of Crazy Monkey Games. Chronic technophile.
  14. Scott Bradley – Founder Rapid Results Marketing Group LLC, and Lean Strong Body.
  15. Manoj Ranaweera – Founder +
  16. Martin Varsavsky – Tech entrepreneur founder of Viatel, Jazztel, and Fon.
  17. Eduardo Arcos – Hipertextual CEO & Founder


51 Of Our Favorite Google+ Photographers

  1. +Cassius Wright
  2. +Sathish Jothikumar
  3. +Leanne Staples
  4. +Joshua Powell
  5. +Kieran O’Connor Photography
  6. +Vivienne Gucwa
  7. +Chris Collacott
  8. +Frank Doorhof
  9. +Thomas Hawk
  10. +Ricky L. Jones Photography
  11. +Kjetil Greger Pedersen
  12. +Steve Febbraro
  13. +Ron Niebrugge
  14. +Lotus Carroll
  15. +Roman Tripler
  16. +Jao van de Lagemaat
  17. +Klaus Herrmann
  18. +Rob Daugherty
  19. +Tony Sharp
  20. +Alfred Plyer Photography
  21. +Kyle Marquardt
  22. +Thom Hogan
  23. +Saurabh Deoras
  24. +Jesse Pafundi
  25. +Shane Srogi
  26. +Star Rush
  27. +Andrea Acailawen
  28. +Beau Kahler
  29. +Bjorn van Sinttruije
  30. +G Dan Mitchell
  31. +Mihailo Radicevic
  32. +Mike Olbinski
  33. +Robbie Schmelzer
  34. +Terry Nelson
  35. +Tony Eccles
  36. +Mike Shaw Photography
  37. +Gary Austin
  38. +Gary Crabbe
  39. +Jarek Klimek
  40. +Stephen Ingraham
  41. +Paul R. Giunta
  42. +Mark Stagi
  43. +Trey Ratcliff
  44. +Thomas Leuthard
  45. +Pierrick Blons
  46. +Varina Patel
  47. +Victor Bezrukov
  48. +Jim Goldstein
  49. +Trond Lindholm
  50. +Scott Jarvie
  51. +Brian Matiash


18 Must Follow Female Photographers


22 Technology Minded Individuals


15 Famoue Musicians of Google+:

  • Avril Lavigne – Singer, songwriter, musician, philanthropy
  • Britney Spears – American recording artist and entertainer.
  • Taylor Swift – American country pop singer-songwriter, musician and actress
  • Sasha Grey – Former Playboy model turned model and musician
  • Eminem – Rapper, Record producer, Songwriter, Actor
  • Soulja Boy – Youngest recording artist ever to write and produce a #1 hit
  • 50 Cent – Rapper, G-Unit
  • T-Pain – Singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor.
  • Pitbull – American rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer.
  • Snoop Dog – Snoop Doggy Dog
  • Lil Wayne – Rapper, recently out of prison
  • Mark Hoppus – Blink 182 band member
  • Trent Reznor – Nine Inch Nails
  • Pete Wentz – Fall Out Boy, Black Cards, Clandestine Industries
  • Mariah Carey – The best-selling female artist of all time


11 Up And Coming Lesser Known Google+ Musicians

  • Daria Musk – Hit Google+ Hangout Musician, Upcoming Star.
  • Sarah English – Youtube Musician. SongPidgeon
  • Gabe Klavun – Musician from Brooklyn, also found on Youtube
  • Rob Michael – Professional jazz musician from SF Bay Area
  • Elijah MC – Beat Box looper creating tracks live on the spot.
  • Chris Loft – Musician, producer, video maker, social networker, media student
  • Steve Lawson – Musician, Music teacher, Social media experimenter and thinker.
  • Monika MHz – Loud redhead. Tech and gear geek. DJ and Producer.
  • Jaime Garcia – A Musician/Composer who loves Astronomy, Science, Arts, Photography
  • Hadyn Godfrey – Freelance Musician, Trombonist, from New Zealand
  • Brandan Smith – Electronic Musician, Partakes in Remixes as well as originals


20 SEO Experts on Google+


18 Economists on Google+

39 Youtube Producers on Google+

Crazy Clip Producers
+Freddie Wong (freddiew + freddiew2)
+Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan + jp)
+Julian Smith (juliansmith87)

Comidy / Video blogers
+Andre Meadows (Black Nerd) (BlackNerdComedy)
+Anthony Padilla (smosh + IanH)
+Carrie-Lee Touhey (AskCarrieLee)
+Ceciley Jenkins (ceciley)
+Denise Vlogs (DeniseVlogs + DeniseActuallyVlogs)
+Duke Powell (DukePowell)
+Gregory Onision (Onision + OnisionArchive + OnisionEncore + OnisionSpeaks)
+Karen Alloy (spricket24 + karen24alloy)
+Kassem G (KassemG + KassemGtwo)
+Matthew Brown (swiftkaratechop)
+Matthew Santoro (MatthewSantoro + MatthewSantoro2)
+Michael Mozart (JeepersMedia + TheToyChannel)
+Nathan Barnatt (nathanjbarnatt)
+Ray William Johnson (RayWilliamJohnson)
+Sara Parker (DeliriumReal)
+Vincent Cyr (Cyr1216 + iamcyr)

Musicians / Artist
+Chris Thompson (supricky06)
+Daria Musk (DariaMusk)
+DeStorm Power (DeStorm)
+DJ Monopoli (TeraBrite)
+Jamie Rain (AwakenRain + redflufflykins)
+Lena Danya (LenaDanya)
+Jeri Ryan (inkrediboy)
+Sabrina Abu-Obeid (TeraBrite)

Relationship advice
+Laci Green (lacigreen + thelacepaste)
+Skyy John (skyyjohn + SkyyJohn2)

+Gaby Montero (OMGFactsOfficial)
+Michael Buckley ( + peron75)
+William Hyde (TheWillofDC)

How to / Lifestyle
+Dylan Hart (indymogul)
+Keith McElwain (KeithMcElwain)
+Paige Piskin (littlemisspaigexxx)
+Rob G (Docextreme1)
+Shira Lazar (partnersproject)

Behind the scenes
+Margaret Healy
+Sarah Evershed



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