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PlusHeadlines.com was founded in July of 2011, as an unofficial news resource for Google Plus. We cover all the latest news concerning Google Plus as well as any new features added to the service. We rely on investigative reporting, to bring you the latest breaking news about whats happening with Google Plus, as it is released. We are made up of a staff of 8 writers and editors, who strive their best to bring you the best. You can contact any of our writers below by clicking on their name, or simply sending an email to plusheadlines@gmail.com, and we will get back to you ASAP.

OnLiveFans News Editors/Writers:
Brian Krassenstein – Founder, lead editor & writer of PlusHeadlines.com.
Roger Kent – Editor and Writer
Ed Krassenstein – Editor and Writer
Paul Spoerry (Visit Paul’s Google+ Profile)- Writer
Carter Gibson (Visit Carter’s Google+ Profile) – Writer
Sai Kishore – Writer
Piet Opperman – Writer
Samantha Lara – Writer

Additionally you may contact PlusHeadlines.com via mail or phone at:
Brian Krassenstein
C/O PlusHeadlines.com
4921 SW 25th Place
Cape Coral, FL 33914