Easily Sync Google+ With Facebook and Twitter

It was only a matter of time before someone would come up with an easy way to sync Google+, Twitter, and Facebook to allow someone to make a post on Google+ while also posting the same thing to their Twitter, and Facebook streams. To sync everything up, simply go to http://gplus.sagg.im/, and follow the simple instructions they provide: 1. Add +Agent G to one of your circles (This step is… Read Article →

A Clever, and Risky Practical Joke to Play on Your Google+ Circles

Google+ clearly has many uses. From a business standpoint it’s a great way to easily separate the various groups you communicate with, and from a personal standpoint it’s nice to be able to simply share certain aspects of your life with certain people who actually care. Google+ can also, however, be used to play practical jokes on your circles of friends and family members. Here is a hilarious, yet risky… Read Article →

Google Buys G.co, Will Use for Google+

Earlier today news broke that Google had purchased the Domain Name G.co for something north of $1.5 million. The .co domain extension is about a year old, and along with several other Fortune 500 companies, Google decided to get a one character .co for themselves. Google plans to use the new domain name as a shortcut to it’s various web properties. Our sources say that they plan on shortening many… Read Article →

GoogleMINUS Allows You to See Who Removed You From Their Circles

It was only a matter of time before someone would come out with an extension which allows Google+ users to see how much they are getting on their fellow Google+ user’s nerves. The GoogleMINUS browser extension was released today and does just that. GoogleMINUS, which can be found at the Kynetx Broswer Application directory is a simple browser extension which runs on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Whenever a person removes… Read Article →

Google + Mobile, or is it?

I’ve been an enthusiastic user of Google+ since they let me in, just a few long and agonizing days after the “field trial” began. Being an avid Android user and seeing that Google had released the Android App before the launch of the field trial I was hopeful that, unlike Facebook or Twitter, mobile would be baked in from the start. Everything started really well. I had been variously checking… Read Article →

William Shatner is Back on Google+ !

Don’t fret William Shatner fans, he is now back on Google+.  Yesterday it was revealed that Shatner had his Google+ account disabled. The Star Trek star, and TV personality lost his account for unknown reasons, which caused a lot of confusion within the Google+ community. Speculation ran wild with many fans guessing that Google may have banned his account because they didn’t believe it really was him. Shatner himself believed… Read Article →

A Must Have Chrome Extension for Google+ “Golden View”

In the last two weeks or so there have been a number of exceptional Google Chrome extensions for Google’s new social network, Google+, however one stands out more than the rest. Golden View, an extension for Chrome written by Micah Wittman, has all the features that Google should have added from the start. Golden View for Google+ is a Chrome extension with 5 (optionally enabled) modules: 1. User Mute –… Read Article →

Meet The Women Of Google+

In the early going something like 35% of all Google+ accounts are created by females. This is probably due to the fact that the usual first adopters of new technologies and web services are geeks, and the population of male geeks to female geeks is about 10:1. Having said this, there are in fact a good number of females on Google+, many of which have a substantial following already. Below… Read Article →

Survey Says…. Google+ To 100 Million Users By December

Yesterday we put forth a poll asking the blog community to take an educated guess at when, if ever, Google+ will hit the milestone number of 100 million users. Just a few days ago CEO Larry Page announced that they had over 10 million users and were growing rapidly. Some estimates predicted that by this weekend there would be double that, 20 million Users, on the new social network. After… Read Article →

Google+ Needs a “Sort By Date” Option for Streams

Sure, there are a lot of things people have been requesting from Google in the last week for their new social network, Google+. Clearly the social network is a work in progress, and that’s just why they have only allowed a limited number of people to join so far. We got word yesterday that there will be an update, likely early next week, with many fixes, as well as additions… Read Article →