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How to get FREE spins on online slots?

Online casino maybe the only industry that is so generous with offering freebies to their new customers. There’s absolutely no reason not to take it. Most of the times these ‘freebies’ are either free spins on online slots or free cash at a casino so spend on whatever you wish. There are wagering requirements on your winnings. Therefore, if you win real money, you meet these requirements and get your… Read Article →


Google+ Games Adds “Global Warfare” To Its Selection

After launching Games in Google+ a few weeks back, with a somewhat limited selection, it appears that new games will begin entering the new social network today. Just moments ago, Satyajeet Salgar announced the addition of Kabam’s Global Warfare. In the game, users are challenged to rebuild and grow their own city and army, while forming alliances with other gamers to battle to survive. A total of 17 games now populate… Read Article →


43 Million+ People On Google+ As of This Morning – Massive Growth Continues

This has been a busy week for the social networks. Google+ opened to the public on Tuesday, as well as announced a boatload of new features for the web and mobile, while Facebook, right now as we type this article, is in the process of revealing Facebook Timeline, and additions to their Open Graph. The social networking fight has erupted into an all out war. Since July, we haven’t really… Read Article →


Google+ Now Allows For The Sharing of Single Photos

One of the lacking features of Google+’s photo section was that you could only share albums, and not individual images, with your circles. If you wanted to share a single image with someone, or a group of people, there really was no simple way to do so. This changed this morning when Chandrashekar Raghavan announced the latest function added to the Google+ photo viewer. The Google+ product management team, and… Read Article →


What to Expect Now That Google+ is Public

It’s finally happened all you early adopters – Google+ has entered into Public Beta. The floodgates are open and new users are coming in, circling you, and making you feel like an old hat at this. But what should you expect in the next few weeks? How do you prepare? Well. Lucky for you this (slightly satirical) guide will qualm all of your fears! Self-Help Posts Okay, this one is… Read Article →


Dane Cook Sees 266% Increase in Followers in one Day Since Google+ Opened It’s Doors

Even we were surprised when we heard about the impact that Google’s official beta launch had on the number of people following Dane Cook. According to Cook, and verified by, the increase in followers would equate to approximately a 266%% increase in just over 24 hours time. The total number of people who have Dane Cook in their circles increased from just over 30,000 yesterday, to over 80,000 as… Read Article →


Google Using Large Arrow on Search Homepage to Promote Google+

Google has been known for it’s simplicity, especially on it’s main search page. They have seldom used any of the homepage real estate to promote anything, including their own products. Just a little while ago, however, we have notice that they have decided to place a large blue arrow pointing to a user’s +name (the link which takes you to Google+). Today featured some of the largest updates to both… Read Article →


Google+ Search Tour

In a short time, Google+ will roll out its revamp of Google+ Search to everyone. If you already have it, congratulations! If not, hang tight. You’ll be getting it soon. One the biggest complaints of Google+ was that there was no ability to search…from the search engine giant. Finding posts was near impossible and finding people was a little iffy. Well fear not! With Google+ going public (two days before… Read Article →


Google +1 Button Coming to Display Ads Next Month

Over the last six months or so we have seen the Google +1 button really take hold around the web. First it launched as a stand alone button on websites, then it became integrated within Google+, then it expanded it’s functionality allowing users to share any +1′s directly with their Google+ circles. Today Christian Oestlien announced, that sometime in early October, Google’s +1 button will be integrated within display advertisements… Read Article →


Google+ Now Integrated With Klout

If you aren’t familiar with, and are a professional, you should probably get acquainted with it. Today, after a flurry of announcements by Google about it’s social network Google+, Klout has made it’s own announcement about Google’s new social network. Starting today, Google+ will join the 10 other social sites which help score people on their social influence within the Klout framework. I have taken the time to connect… Read Article →