Chicken and the EggMany writers starting out are asking themselves whether they should focus on writing articles or fiction. This is very much like the Chicken and the Egg debate.

You could start by trying to figure out who do you want to be in the future – a journalist, a blogger, a short story writer? But chances are you already tried that.

The real question is how do you become a top-level writer? Forget your occupation, or your niche or even your future desires.

Ask yourself: ‘what I know well and how do I get better at subjects I’m average at?’

And the answer to it is: write. Every day. Whatever you want. A journal, a blog, a background story of a passerby. Because no matter what kind of a writer you are aiming to be, you will have to be resourceful and versatile.

Fiction or articles, you must know how human brain works, how does a person feel when they are desperate or ecstatic, how has technology evolved and many other things. Knowing technical stuff will help you in fiction. Knowing how to tell a story will make you a better article writer. Everything helps you.

Roy Peter Clark “The War of Art”

Roy Peter Clark “The War of Art”

If you don’t know him yet, read about Roy Peter Clark. While he started as a fiction writer, he wrote an invaluable book for every professional “The War of Art”. Make sure to read it. Seriously, it’s a life-changing book.

When you develop a habit of writing every day, you also do research every day. And as you broaden your horizons, you will develop and grow as a writer. Eventually, you won’t need to ask whether you should write articles or fiction, you will simply write.
You will know who you are.

Today, don’t worry, don’t meander. Unless an opportunity comes and makes you choose between one or the other (it won’t), you should focus on writing regardless of the type of content.