Silicon Valley Google Plus Meetup Kickoff with Mashable’s Ben Parr @ 500 Startups

Silicon Valley Google Plus Meetup kicked off at 500 Startups this Wednesday, featuring a packed room of developers, entrepreneurs, social media mavens, et al. Founder +Sudha Jamthe articulated her inspiration for creating the meetup: ”…when we saw how G+ was such an awesome, amazing experience online to interact we thought of a meetup…” By creating a meetup we could meet some of the folks in our circles, and some who were evolving the platform. Three Ignite style lightning talks launched the evening.

Lightning Talks

+Shirley Lin started off by finding out what kind of apps people were building – games, mobile games, G+ apps. She asked +Axel Kratel specifically – he described his work on a Hangouts directory. Shirley doubled as the event photographer and we look forward to her snaps.

Former MySpace VP +Sean Percival described his vision of brands on Plus with an example of a hypothetical Starbucks landing page with +1 Button, Verification, Google Maps w/ Locations, Circles with Employees & Brand Mangers, Google Offers, & Sparks.

+ Sriram introduced his Browser Eggs – an experimental alpha platform for things like Social Auctions. He described how Huy Zing, Micah Wittman & others came together to address the issue of Chrome extensions breaking on Plus; how they created a greasemonkey like framework upon which to build stable Plus Chrome extensions. Browser Eggs uses a node.js backend and an extension whereby Hangout slots can be auctioned off. The “socially auctioned” Hangout could then be streamed live to using an app by Dynno. Browser Eggs recently took the Social Commerce Award at HapiHack Hackathon.


Mashable’s Editor-at-Large, the larger than life, keynote +Ben Parr circled the audience and engaged a couple dozen people who commented on his colorful themes:

~ challenges facing G+
# FB vs Google
? what about Twitter
> will it break out of the early adopters
- what is G+ missing
@ identity / pseudonyms
& developers
$ business + commerce

Other Folks

A number of Googlers were in the audience, listening, including G+: VP of Product, Product Marketing Manager, Community Manager, Developer Advocates, Developer Programs Engineer, and Engineering Director.

500 Startups’ Dave McClure dropped in towards the end, & Paul Singh sat in the back & made sure ‘things didn’t go haywire.’

Live Stream, Vendor Love & Souvenir

The event was lived streamed by videographer + John Lin to

Topsy: Real-time search for the social web, Viadeo: your internet business directory, Claritics: Get Most Out of Social Media Analytics and Mt View’s Big Frog: Custom Tshirts & More, stepped up to the plate & warmed our stomachs with organic zPizza, and produced the kickoff event’s souvenir T-Shirt.

Colleague Consuelo created the super fabulous event souvenir T-Shirt featuring Sudha, Ben, Dave & frequent hackathon attendee, Consuelo’s parrot, Paloma:

Paloma the Parrot Hangsout at Launch of G+ Meetup

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