Google+ Fixes the Stream Jumping Problem

Great news, Google+ has just rolled out a new feature to quiet all the complaints over the jumping stream issue. In the past, if a user was viewing their stream, and a new post came in, it would move the stream down, causing him/her to lose their spot. It really began to get frustrating, especially for those who had a lot of users in their circles. Well it looks like,… Read Article →


Facebook’s Uphill Battle With Google+ Just Got Steeper

“Google+’s biggest accomplishment is improving Facebook itself.”, according to an article on The Huffington Post. I have to disagree with +Craig Kanalley, Google+’s biggest accomplishment (so far) is that in less than three months it has scared the social networking behemoth Facebook into opening up. The conclusion to The Huffington Post’s article Google’s Uphill Battle With Facebook Just Got Steeper is that Facebook has won ’round one’ because of three… Read Article →

Google+ API Is Here!

Developers have been waiting since late June for Google to release their API to the public. Well, today is that Day. Just a few minute ago Chris Chabot, from Google+ Developer Relations, announced that the Google+ API is now available to the public. The potential for this is huge, and will likely set Google+ on a more direct path towards social networking greatness. We should see an explosion of new… Read Article →

Moderation Privileges Coming to Google+ Hangouts?

It appears as if Google+ Hangouts may be in for some major improvements over the coming days and weeks ahead. Earlier today we discussed the On-Air feature that will allow Hangouts to be broadcast lived on Youtube, and just a few minutes ago we were made aware by a post from Hangout hack expert Mohamed Mansour, that a “Kick” button may be on it’s way as well. The Kick button… Read Article →

Google+ Hangouts Testing Ability to Broadcast Live On YouTube

Since Hangouts were presented to the social networking community back in June, many have speculated that the utility of the video conferencing platform could expand greatly if they were to allow an unlimited number of people to watch in on a Hangout, rather than limit it to just the 10 people who were participating in it. Well, It appears that Google may be about to make a major announcement around… Read Article →

+Snippets Comes to Google Maps for Google+ Sharing

A couple weeks ago Google announced +snippets for easy sharing of content within the Google+ platform. Today they have added +snippets to Google maps. Basically this is an integration of Google Maps into Google+ in a clear easy to understand interface. When a user is at Google maps, they can quickly share exactly what they are seeing on their screen with any number of their Google+ circles. Whether it’s a… Read Article →


6 Invaluable Tips to Help you Hangout Successfully

Posted in Google+ Editorials I know. It sounds stupid. Why would you need to know how to “do nothing” successfully? But Hangouts are far more than just “doing nothing” and Google+ is a whole new beast that can be a little bit daunting for a new user. Finding these Hangouts and building your Hangout community after building your Circles is essential to getting the most out of Google+. I compiled… Read Article →

Celebrity Google+ Accounts to Endorse Google Search Ads

Thanks to Christian Oestlien, we have become aware of Google+ integration within Google’s search advertisements. Google has been testing an ad endorsement feature within some of it’s search ads. Below is an Example of Khloe Kardashian endorsing the Sears Kardashian line. As you can see, a small line of text and a link to Khloe Kardashian’s Google+ profile is provided under the advertisement, showing that she in fact endorses the… Read Article →

Ford as a Google+ Business Test Account

Brand accounts are not allowed on Google+. That is unless you’re Ford Motor Company, MTV, or a few select others. However, more signs are beginning to show that Brand Pages are close to being rolled out. Ford has been very successful in leveraging new media. They’ve had a 10 year relationship with American Idol, having the idols churn out music videos for new vehicles. The company recognizes that to engage… Read Article →


6 Signs You’re a G+ Junkie (and what to do about it)

Doctors are talking about it. The news is talking about it. But you don’t hear your friends talking about it because you’re ignoring them to be on Google+. You’re a G+ Junkie aren’t you? Symptoms are very easy to find and easy to cure (sometimes). The first step to rehabilitating you back into society is by identifying some traits that could put you at risk. 3 out of 4 doctors… Read Article →