Google+ Android Application Version 1.0.7 Will Roll Out Today

With all the excitement we have seen today surrounding the changes and additions to Google+, many have failed to notice that they will be updating the Android application later on. Within hours, if not sooner, Google will roll out the Google+ Android app Version 1.0.7 to the Android marketplace. There will be several key features added to the application, which includes the ability to “Hangout,” via your Android device. Here… Read Article →


Huge Google+ Update: Search, Hangouts, and More!

In addition to Google+ going live to the public this morning, we have also received word of several key updates and additions to the three month old social network. Since it’s inception back in late June, Google+ has made 100 unique changes and additions to the platform. Several of them have taken place this morning, right before the doors opened to the public. Here are some of the most interesting… Read Article →

Google+ Now Open to Everyone – Invites no longer required

Just announced by Google: ”Anyone can sign up for Google+—no invitation required.” Google+ has been considered in “field trial” since it was launched about 12 weeks ago. Many features have been added since then, and today they announced a bunch of additions which we’ve covered here: Google+ Hangouts Overhauled with Mobile, On Air, Doc Integration, and More. In addition to those announcements, Google is now moving their social network to… Read Article →


Hangouts Overhauled with Mobile, On Air, Doc Integration, and More

On the Google Blog today, Google announced the launch of Mobile Hangouts, Hangouts on Air, and many other Hangout extras. Currently Mobile Hangouts support Android 2.3+ with iOS support “coming soon.” Be on the lookout for an update to your Google+ app in the Android Market As the feature rolls out, you’ll also notice a sexy new redesign in your browser. Additionally Google announced that you can broadcast live to… Read Article →


Daria Musk Gives Students Hangout Music Lesson – Live Stream at 11am

An artist with a serious focus on giving back, +Daria Musk will be hosting a very special music lesson Hangout to a lucky class in England Tuesday, September 20th at 11am. The hangout will feature Holyrood Academy teacher +Lord Miles Parker, other musicians, bloggers, and +Carter Gibson (that’s me!). To watch the live stream, head over to at 11am Daria Musk has made a seriously big name for herself… Read Article →


G+Me Version 7 Introduced Utilizing the Google+ API

We haven’t seen a tremendous amount of work done utilizing last week’s announced Google+ API. This is partly because the API is very limited at the time being, only specified for public data, and only having read only permissions. Having said this, we have seen a few mash-ups make their way onto the scene, including the Stream+ mash-up. Today, Huy Zing, announced the latest version of the G+me Google chrome… Read Article →


Confessions of a Google+ Junkie

Okay guys. It’s no surprise that I am a G+ Junkie. I post frequently, comment and +1 all the time, and Hangout at least three times a day. As you all know, I’m pretty friendly, easy-going, and willing to talk to almost everyone. But, as we all also know, there are unwritten guidelines we all follow and secrets we don’t tell anyone else when we use Google+. Sometimes we know… Read Article →


Plustastic Artist Collective Launches

If you’ve ever been on Google+ you’ve surely noticed a relatively large and active artist community. Whether it’s Zombified portraits, sketches, or following some awesome photographers, artists have made Google+ their playground and have begun to work together. Without brand pages to get in the way, artists, who embody what they do, have gained a serious leg-up in establishing their own followings. The most interesting way I’ve seen it happen… Read Article →


Google+: 6 Changes and Additions Made to the Social Network This Week

Google+, in it’s 11th week of existence, certainly is making strides to become a fully functioning social network. In the last week we have seen many changes. Some of the changes have impacted the community in a major way, while others may have been just minor changes that will barely be noticed. However small or large an impact each change may make, they represent steps taken by Google to compete… Read Article →


Stream+ Released: One of the First API Mash-ups for Google+

I want to start this off by saying how incredibly talented Mohamed Mansour, and those coding with him are. Google+ released their API to the public yesterday afternoon, and within 10 hours the first useful, functioning mash-up was released by Mohamed and his team. The mash-up is called Stream+, and classifies all your posts into a nice orderly interface. Stream+ basically takes all of a user’s public posts and categorizes… Read Article →