Google Using Large Arrow on Search Homepage to Promote Google+

Google has been known for it’s simplicity, especially on it’s main search page. They have seldom used any of the homepage real estate to promote anything, including their own products. Just a little while ago, however, we have notice that they have decided to place a large blue arrow pointing to a user’s +name (the link which takes you to Google+).

Today featured some of the largest updates to both the Google+ web page, as well as the Android application, that we have seen since the inception of Google’s social network nearly three months ago. Google has opened the doors to the public, and seems ready to promote the new social network heavily, by leveraging the huge amounts of traffic they receive to their various other web properties. Below is a screen capture of the Google search page when a user is logged in:

As of submitting this article, it is interesting to note that there may be a glitch within the new page setup. It appears that when a user goes to the url they will get a blue arrow pointing to a half blank Google+ bar, whereas when a users goes to the url the blue arrow points to a normal, functioning Google+ bar. I’m sure this will be fixed quickly.

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