Google+ Now Integrated With Klout

If you aren’t familiar with Klout.com, and are a professional, you should probably get acquainted with it. Today, after a flurry of announcements by Google about it’s social network Google+, Klout has made it’s own announcement about Google’s new social network. Starting today, Google+ will join the 10 other social sites which help score people on their social influence within the Klout framework.

I have taken the time to connect my Google+ account to my Klout account, and can confirm that it worked like a charm. Having said this, I have noticed, and Klout has confirmed, that it will take a few weeks for Google+ to be completely integrated and reflect in one’s score accurately. In the meantime this is a great opportunity to join Klout and connect all your various social network accounts, if you have not already done so.

Klout currently tracks information on over 80 million individuals, processes over 200 million pieces of content on a daily basis, and has over 3 billion API calls every month. It’s one of the fastest growing start ups out there, and the addition of Google+ will certainly help it gain even more momentum.

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