Google+ Now Allows For The Sharing of Single Photos

One of the lacking features of Google+’s photo section was that you could only share albums, and not individual images, with your circles. If you wanted to share a single image with someone, or a group of people, there really was no simple way to do so. This changed this morning when Chandrashekar Raghavan announced the latest function added to the Google+ photo viewer. The Google+ product management team, and Karen Liu, in particular, have added a “share” button to individual photos. As you can see in the image above, their is an added “Share” button next to the “Add tag,” and “Actions,” buttons on all photographs now. Raghavan described the newly added function in the following post earlier this morning:

  • “Sometimes you find a particular photo in an album that’s worth sharing with others. It might be the perfect sunset shot from your beach holiday, or a humorous photo from a friend’s party.
    The ability to share a single photo from an album is one of our top feature requests and today, we are launching a new feature that will allow you to do just that! Inside the lightbox photo viewer, you’ll now see a “Share” button below each photo. Click “Share” to share just that photo, not the whole album.
    We hope you enjoy using this feature; keep the feedback coming!”

This improvement comes on the heels of Tuesday’s public launch, and is sure to make many photographers, as well as ordinary users out there happy.
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