Google+: 6 Changes and Additions Made to the Social Network This Week

Google+, in it’s 11th week of existence, certainly is making strides to become a fully functioning social network. In the last week we have seen many changes. Some of the changes have impacted the community in a major way, while others may have been just minor changes that will barely be noticed. However small or large an impact each change may make, they represent steps taken by Google to compete in the social networking war they have entered. Here is a rundown of the changes and updates we have seen within the Google+ platform since last weekend.

  • Hangouts for the Hearing Impaired – Google decided to place a nice little option in the Hangout platform for those who wish to communicate via sign language. They added a “Take the Floor,” option within hangouts. This is certainly a ground breaking innovation for those who rely on signing for their direct communication. (more info)
  • Google adds +snippets to their mapping product. Now anyone viewing any page within Google maps can quickly share whatever they see on their screen with their circles on Google+. (more info)
  • Celebrity Google+ account links begin appearing in Google search advertisements as endorsements. (more info)
  • Google+ Hangouts ready for some major additions. The Google+ hack team, earlier this week found several hidden features, which included the ability to moderate a Hangout, as well as the ability to broadcast a Hangout live to Youtube Live. It is unknown when these features will officially roll out, however, it is clear Google has them ready. (more info)
  • Google finally releases the Google+ API to the public. Although the API is only for public data in a read only format, this has already ignited a flurry of new Google+ mash-ups, including Stream+. (more info)
  • The Google+ Stream Jumping Problem is Fixed. For weeks, members have been airing their displeasure at the way in which their stream jumps down then they are reading a post, if a new post enters their stream. Google has made some adjustments to fix this issue. (more info)

Improvements and additions continue to flow into the Google+ platform. The company is busy making sure they get this right before officially opening the social network up to the public. From what we have heard, there are some major changes still on their way in the coming week or two, especially with mobile, and business pages may be here within the next few weeks as well.

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