Daria Musk Gives Students Hangout Music Lesson – Live Stream at 11am

An artist with a serious focus on giving back, +Daria Musk will be hosting a very special music lesson Hangout to a lucky class in England Tuesday, September 20th at 11am. The hangout will feature Holyrood Academy teacher +Lord Miles Parker, other musicians, bloggers, and +Carter Gibson (that’s me!).

To watch the live stream, head over to HangoutParty.com at 11am

Daria Musk has made a seriously big name for herself on Google+ through her dedication to engaging her fans, openness to new experiences, and genuine personality. But amassing thousands of followers isn’t good enough for Ms. Musk. Students at Holyrood Academy in England, who have been enjoying Daria’s music online after she posted her live Hangout Concerts to Youtube, will connect with Daria in a way that I don’t know if even Googlers had considered.

It’s my sincere hope that more of these “Hangout Classes” will permeate the Google+ experience going forward. Collaboration like this should be commended and supported always as hopefully, one day, these kids will tell their kids about how they learned a song through a Google+ Hangout.

Once again, the Hangout starts at 11am over at +Cam Meadows’ HangoutParty.com


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