Dane Cook Sees 266% Increase in Followers in one Day Since Google+ Opened It’s Doors

Even we were surprised when we heard about the impact that Google’s official beta launch had on the number of people following Dane Cook. According to Cook, and verified by, the increase in followers would equate to approximately a 266%% increase in just over 24 hours time. The total number of people who have Dane Cook in their circles increased from just over 30,000 yesterday, to over 80,000 as we write this article. In addition to this, Cook also has promised some surprises coming to Google+ shortly. Here is a message he posted just a few moments ago on his Google+ account:

  • “I just wanted to welcome the 50,000 new followers that poured in since yesterday (wow that was a pleasant surprise) and say welcome to G+ … lotta surprises in store here. Stick around it’s gonna get interesting… no really it is.”

Cook is one of Google+’s recommended users that they suggest to people who first register for an account. Even so, the numbers are staggering. It is obvious that the publicity that Google+ has received in the last 24 hours, combined with what seems to be a very effective, and interesting promotion of Google+ via a blue arrow on the Google search page, is paying dividends for the upstart social network. Although Cook is only a comedian, and not an employee of Google, his remarks certainly peek the interest of Google+ power users worldwide. Does he know something we all don’t? Cook was at Google headquarters last month hanging out, and likely received information regarding upcoming features? What are they? I’m sure we will all just have to wait and find out.

It has been estimated that Google+ has a user base of close to 30 million people. Since opening it’s door to the public yesterday, this number has surely gone up quite a bit.

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