Confessions of a Google+ Junkie

Okay guys. It’s no surprise that I am a G+ Junkie. I post frequently, comment and +1 all the time, and Hangout at least three times a day. As you all know, I’m pretty friendly, easy-going, and willing to talk to almost everyone. But, as we all also know, there are unwritten guidelines we all follow and secrets we don’t tell anyone else when we use Google+. Sometimes we know we shouldn’t follow them but can’t help it and other times we just don’t want to admit it and risk looking stupid or vulnerable.

Whether it be your circling or blocking guidelines, or even how you exit a Hangout when you’re not interested, we all have that inner code that dictates our usage. Well Plusers. Let me be the first to confess some of my own flaws and secrets as a Google+ user. Alright, let’s begin:

I’m Slightly More Likely to Circle You if You’re Popular

But don’t worry! If you’re posts are really interesting I don’t care how many people have circled you. It’s just that, occasionally, having many followers can make up for slightly uninteresting posts. I have a feeling almost all of us are guilty of this…

For example: If Person A and Person B both have the exact same posts, but Person A has over 1,000 followers, I’m a little more inclined to circle them than I am Person B. Maybe it’s because I think Person A is saying something interesting I’m not seeing or maybe because I think they would share my posts more, but regardless, it happens though I am actively trying to not let this affect my decision as much.

Honorable Mention: I’m more likely to add you if you have a profile picture.

I Don’t Always Go to Bed When I Say I Do

Okay, I’m probably guilty of this one more than any of the others. There I am, at 3am, in a Hangout or chatting you up and I say, “Okay. I gotta go to bed.” I leave you…and then you may notice that I post something an hour later or am hanging out again. Don’t worry! I promise I wasn’t trying to get rid of you! I was legitimately trying to get rid of Google+! Unfortunately, as you know, I’m a Junkie…

The moral to this story is that I have problem that has nothing to do with how much I enjoy spending time with you. It everything to do with me being able to fight my addiction, so please, don’t take it personally.

Honorable Mention: Sometimes I leave Hangouts because I’m tired or bored.

I’ve Never Blocked Someone

Okay, here’s my philosophy on blocking – it’s (almost always) unnecessary. If I don’t like someone’s posts, I’ll uncircle them or put them in a circle I don’t have displayed in my stream. That doesn’t mean I never want to interact with this person or love hanging out with them. It just means that I don’t want to see their posts all the time. That’s no reason to block them.

The only time I would ever block someone would be for hateful speech or harassment towards myself or one of my close friends on Plus – and that’s exactly what block should be for. Luckily I’ve never had to use the feature. Have I uncircled? Yeah, of course. But block should be used sparingly.

Honorable Mention: I’ve been tempted…

I Like Having Lots of People Circle Me

It’s true! It makes me feel good! Not only do I feel like I’m offering something to someone else, but I am honestly privileged to have found the people on Google+ that I have. The opportunity to interact with new people is only increased as more people circle me. I get so stoked when I get that little notification and I think it’s okay to say that you like to think you’re building a community. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I don’t think that this one is a flaw, persay. Rather I think that people think that by having a nonchalant attitude about your number of followers shows a strength or cool-ness. I would disagree and say that being able to admit that you’re grateful for the opportunities that have arisen is far more valuable. But you could totally hate me if I ever go over the top… :)

Honorable Mention: I get sad when people uncircle me and don’t tell me

I Don’t Feel Bad When I Mute Posts

Okay guys. I love you all. But sometimes I mute posts I’ve commented on because I’m tired. Ha. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be responded to or that I hate you. It actually probably means the comment thread has gone off-topic or I sincerely don’t want to talk about that subject anymore. I would never mute my posts. That would be mean since I legitimately asked you to respond, but it’s okay to admit that you mute other peoples posts! There’s nothing wrong with muting every once and a while.

Honorable Mention: I sometimes +1 and immediately mute


Well that about wraps it up! You know my biggest G+ confessions I’ve been meaning to get off my chest and that I’m totally addicted to the G+ platform. Hopefully some of them served as lessons or you admitted something about your usage to yourself.

What confessions do you have? Let us know in the comment section below!

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